Injuries caused by car accidents, such as whiplash, can cause chronic, debilitating pain, making their prompt and proper treatment imperative to good health. Though often symptom-free immediately following an accident, many victims are haunted by severe neck pain days, even weeks, after the accident occurred. Because this delay in symptoms can cause long-term health problems, it is important that you receive medical treatment immediately following the incident regardless of how you feel at the time.

Staffed by some of the best health care professionals and chiropractors in the region, our chiropractic center offers those suffering from whiplash and personal injury highly effective neck and back pain relief, as well as rehabilitative care. By combining gentle chiropractic manipulations with massage and physical therapy, we develop personalized treatment plans that are as unique to you as your circumstance. Working with your insurance company, we ensure that you receive the top-level healthcare that you deserve.

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