With an estimated 10 percent of Americans said to suffer from plantar fasciitis in their lifetimes, the painful foot condition is actually fairly common. Though the cause of plantar fasciitis can be hard to detect, it is often connected to advanced age, improper shoe choice, certain types of exercise, obesity and long-term standing or walking.

Ignoring plantar fasciitis never results in a reduction of symptoms, and is likely to increase the tearing and stretching of the plantar fascia that supports the arch of your foot. Without early treatment, plantar fasciitis can worsen, not only the painful condition but can lead to increased back, knee and hip pain as you adjust your walk to minimize the initial pain.

As with most musculoskeletal issues, plantar fasciitis can be relieved through chiropractic treatments. By gently manipulating the spine, your chiropractor works to improve the nerve signals to your legs and feet, improving blood flow and releasing stress and strain within tendons, such as the plantar fascia. Combined with exercise and physical therapy techniques, chiropractic care can quickly and efficiently reduce and eliminate symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

If severe foot pain is limiting your ability to work, exercise and play, we invite you to schedule a comprehensive health evaluation with Dr. Daniel Welch. We can assess your specific situation at our Reno wellness clinic and develop a personalized plan for treatment.