Using cutting-edge sound wave technology, we provide alternative pain relief and medicinal care through personalized treatment plans, engineered to address you specific issues. Used by physical therapists since the late 1940’s, therapeutic ultrasound helps afflicted muscles relax before chiropractic adjustments.

The process works by generating ultrasonic waves through a piezo-electric effect, created by the vibration of crystals with the head of our specialized therapeutic wand. This probe, when in contact with skin, creates a level of deep heat that is not felt by the patient but fosters many health benefits.

Shown to increase tissue relaxation and blood flow, therapeutic ultrasound helps to reduce swelling, chronic inflammation and even breaks down scar tissue. Some users have even experienced the healing of bone fractures after therapy using sound wave technology. Many physicians also administer medications such as cortisol with the wand, allowing the meds to be forced under the skin without the use of painful injections.

Talk to Dr. Daniel about the use of therapeutic ultrasound and if you would be a candidate for this health treatment option, or one of our other natural back pain remedies, during your next visit. We invite you to schedule your appointment with us now.