Dating back centuries, chiropractic medicine is a recognized tool for healing and pain relief, helping millions of people around the globe. As a drug-free, non-surgical treatment option, chiropractic care uses gentle spinal manipulation to adjust subluxations within the spine. Expanding beyond the relief of back and neck pain, chiropractors have actually helped reduce and eliminate a variety of health issues and their symptoms through comprehensive spine health care.

Often used in conjunction with other services such as massage, acupuncture or physical therapy, regular chiropractic adjustments have been recognized as a credible treatment plan for many ailments including myofascial pain syndrome, migraines, digestive disorders, insomnia, carpal tunnel syndrome, sports injuries and plantar fasciitis, to name just a few.

Many health issues are caused and exacerbated by blocked nerve signals. If the discs and vertebrae compress and irritate the nerves, the signals they send to various body parts are of diminished quality. By gently manipulating the elements of the spine into their proper alignment, chiropractic adjustments reduce the irritation to nerve endings within the spine, allowing body parts to function properly and reduce the risk of illness and disease.

Whether you could use a slipped disc treatment or a general chiropractic adjustment, we can help you discover true health and optimal wellness by scheduling a comprehensive consultation today.