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Patient Testimonials

When patients elect to see us at Northern Nevada Chiropractic, we know they are placing a lot of trust in our chiropractic expertise. This trust is never something our doctors take for granted. There is nothing better than relieving a patient of pain and helping to restore their quality of life. These testimonials speak to the breadth of chiropractic care available at NNC and some of the amazing results we have helped patients achieve of their way to recovery or overall wellness.

NNC Patient, Mary, Maintains Wellness Through Chiropractic Care

Mary and her husband are patients of Dr. Daniel Welch. They seek chiropractic care to maintain overall wellness and fight the normal back and joint issues seen as we age. Mary sees great results in her overall mobility by using the decompression table and massage services of NNC.

NNC Patient, Sophia, Uses Chiropractic Treatments for Wellness

Sophia is a yoga and Pilates instructor and a patient of Dr. Nicolas Riley. She sees him for wellness and to keep her body in top physical condition for movement and flexibility. Her treatments with Dr. Riley leave her feeling like she has a fresh slate.

NNC Patient, Matt, Uses Spinal Decompression for Lower Back Relief

Matt sees Dr. Welch for his lower back injury. Dr. Welch prescribed spinal decompression therapy and Matt has seen incredible results that allow him to lead an active life.

NNC Patient, Kristen, Sees Results for her Whole Family

Kristen and her children are patients of Dr. Kimberly Nelson. Listen as Kristen describes Dr. Nelson’s unique and gentle approach and the results her whole family has experienced by coming to NNC.

NNC Patient, Justin, Treated for Chronic Back and Shoulder Pain

Justin is a patient of Dr. Riley and has been coming to NNC to treat acute back and shoulder issues. Dr. Riley’s treatments are the one thing that keep Justin out of pain and able to lead an active life.

NNC Patient, Joe, Gets Relief From Lower Back Pain

Joe suffers from lower back pain that makes it difficult to walk. Dr. Daniel Welch uses chiropractic treatments to relieve the pain and allow Joe to lead a normal life.

NNC Patient, Honi, Restored After Car Accident

Dr. Welch’s patient, Honi, describes the healing she received at Northern Nevada Chiropractic after a four-car car accident. Dr. Welch relieved her chronic headaches and allowed her to walk properly, restoring Honi to pre-car accident functionality.

NNC Patient, Dylan, Relieved of Neck Pain After Sports Injury

Dylan suffered a traumatic neck injury as a result of martial arts training. He describes how Dr. Daniel Welch relieved his pain and increased his range of motion in the neck and back.

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